Nafsika Antypas

Entrepreneur, TV Producer,
Writer, Actress

About Nafsika Antypas

A multifaceted talent with a passion for the entertainment industry, Nafsika Antypas is an accomplished TV host, executive producer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. With a motto of “If You Plant It, It Will Grow!” and a belief in the power of visualization, Nafsika is dedicated to pursuing her dreams with unwavering determination. Her extensive experience and creative endeavors have garnered recognition and success, making her a sought-after professional in the industry.
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There’s a new cheese in town

Nafsika’s Garden product line started off with just vegan cheese and is quickly expanding to an array of dairy-free/vegan food products.

Currently, our dairy-free line is completely allergen free
  • desc-list-img-01
    Zero Diary
  • desc-list-img-02
    Zero Gluten
  • desc-list-img-03
    Zero Nuts
  • desc-list-img-04
    Zero Soy


The Plant-Based Switch

The Plant-Based Switch is a weekly guide to help anyone transition smoothly to a fully plant-based, vegan diet in six weeks or less. Included in this book is a weekly program, access to Nafsika's app and videos, daily menu plans, customized health and fitness programs, several of her favorite recipes. health tips, and loads of information and resources. This book will make going plant-based as easy as vegan pie!

Ghosted MD

When thirty-two-year-old cardiologist, Anastasia (Stacey) Dimas finds herself at the scene of a car accident of an injured man, Jason Walker, she follows his case at the hospital where she works. But after his mysterious death, Stacey feels compelled to investigate, only to find out that the victim himself is also on the same mission.


Alexa, a career-oriented Marketing Executive hoping to be promoted to Creative Director is forced to slow down and take notice of the supernatural occurrences in your life as she learns that not only are they occurring to her, she may possibly be the one controlling them.