Nafsika Antypas


Nafsika Antypas is a talented individual who embodies passion, creativity, and a relentless drive for positive change.

With a background in English Literature, Nafsika’s love for writing has always been intertwined with her desire to make a difference in the world. Armed with a pen and paper, she embarked on a mission to have her stories and ideas published, knowing that words have the power to inspire and transform lives.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, Nafsika’s journey led her to Concordia University, where she pursued her passion for literature and graduated with a major in English Literature. Her academic pursuits provided her with a deep understanding of storytelling, language, and the power of words to shape perceptions and ignite change.

Driven by her ultimate goal of creating a kinder and more compassionate world, Nafsika’s path took an exciting turn as she ventured into the realm of television production. In late 2015, she created and launched the groundbreaking television series, Plant-Based by Nafsika, which focused on promoting a plant-based lifestyle. This revolutionary concept not only captured the attention of viewers worldwide but also played a significant role in mainstreaming veganism. Nafsika’s motto, “If You Plant It, It Will Grow,” reflects her belief in the transformative power of small actions, which can blossom into profound change.

In 2017, Nafsika expanded her repertoire by becoming a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach. This certification enabled her to empower individuals in making the “Plant-Based Switch” to a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. Through her coaching, she has touched the lives of many, guiding them towards a path of wellness and conscious choices.

Recognizing the importance of overcoming one of the most significant hurdles on the path to veganism—the love for cheese—Nafsika launched Nafsika’s Garden. This innovative plant-based cheese brand quickly gained popularity, captivating taste buds across Canada, the United States, and eventually the globe. Nafsika’s Garden has become a symbol of culinary creativity, proving that delicious dairy-free alternatives are not only possible but also irresistible.

Nafsika’s impact extends beyond the small screen and grocery aisles. Her expertise on plant-based living has earned her invitations to numerous television and radio shows, where she shares her knowledge and inspires others with her eloquence. Her words have the power to evoke laughter, tears, and a craving for a delectable plate of vegan mac and cheese.

Throughout her journey, Nafsika has remained committed to her overarching goal of making a difference in the world. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her creative spirit and compassionate heart, make her a true force of positive change. Through her writing, TV projects, coaching, and culinary creations, she continues to inspire individuals to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and contribute to a kinder, more sustainable future.

As she forges ahead, Nafsika Antypas remains guided by her motto, “If You Plant It, It Will Grow!” Her passion, talent, and indomitable spirit are the seeds she sows to cultivate a better world for all