Nafsika Antypas

Entrepreneur, TV Producer,
Writer, Actress

About Nafsika Antypas

A multifaceted talent with a passion for the entertainment industry, Nafsika Antypas is an accomplished TV host, executive producer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. With a motto of “If You Plant It, It Will Grow!” and a belief in the power of visualization, Nafsika is dedicated to pursuing her dreams with unwavering determination. Her extensive experience and creative endeavors have garnered recognition and success, making her a sought-after professional in the industry.
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There’s a new cheese in town

Nafsika’s Garden product line started off with just vegan cheese and is quickly expanding to an array of dairy-free/vegan food products.

Currently, our dairy-free line is completely allergen free

  • desc-list-img-01
    Zero Diary
  • desc-list-img-02
    Zero Glutten
  • desc-list-img-03
    Zero Nuts
  • desc-list-img-04
    Zero Soy
  • desc-list-img-05
    Zero Peas