Nafsika Antypas

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Published on: Oct 15, 2023

Entrepreneur Nafsika Antypas is a writer, author, executive producer, actress, and mother of two. “The joy of witnessing my children grow, learn, and thrive is immeasurable
Published on: Apr 21, 2023

Investigators search for an American fugitive accused of faking his own death to evade law enforcement agencies. Andrea Canning confronts the man at the center of the international mystery.
Published on: Feb 12, 2023

Nafsika Antypas, a vegan lifestyle writer and TV host, is another victim, persuaded by Rossi to let him help promote her international food business when she wanted to expand to the UK.
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Published on: Jan 20, 2023

The outlandish double life of an American conman in Scotland. The full story of the man calling himself Arthur Knight is darker than anybody
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Published on: Jan 2, 2023

Nafsika’s Garden is a food and lifestyle brand that works for the physical well-being of its clients. In the recent expansion, the company has launched a new and wide range of yogurt cheeses by Nafsika’s Garden.
Published on: Nov 18, 2022

Last week, a dark-haired man wearing a pinstripe suit, shiny leather shoes, and round black glasses was wheeled into a court room in Edinburgh, Scotland—one hand shackled to a police officer.
Published on: Nov 11, 2022

The story came to Scotland last Christmas when a man was arrested at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. He said he was Arthur Knight, but the American authorities were certain he was Nicholas Rossi, wanted for raping a 21-year-old woman in Utah in 2008, and other sex attacks. A judge in Edinburgh has now rejected his claims of mistaken identity, ruling that he is Rossi, and extradition proceedings will follow.
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Published on: Sep 14, 2022

Antypas is a popular writer, host, and producer who’s known for launching the world’s first vegan TV series, Plant-Based by Nafsika.
Published on: Jul 8, 2022

Former state Rep. Brian Coogan was driving his tow truck along Route 295 on Thursday when he heard the news from Scotland: fingerprints had proven Nick Alahverdian, the nefarious fugitive he’d once considered adopting, to be the impostor he knew.
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Published on: Jun 8, 2022

The idea of adopting a vegan lifestyle came to the mind of a Canadian sublime producer, writer, TV host, and entrepreneur, Nafsika Antypas, ..
Published on: Apr 22, 2022

Rhode Island con man Nicholas Alahverdian appeared at a preliminary extradition hearing in Scotland on Thursday with two new lawyers, one of whom, according to Scottish media, has also faced an allegation of deception.
Published on: Feb 22, 2022

The wife of a fugitive conman wanted for rape in the US after faking his own death claims police have got the wrong man.