Nafsika Antypas

CEO / President

If You Plant It,
It Will Grow.

“It has been my mission to educate everyone to adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and compassionate lifestyle. I have been working to break the stigma, the negative stereotypes, and misconceptions about being vegan that persist among the minds of millions. A vegan lifestyle has helped change my life, and now I want to help change yours.”



About Nafsika

Nafsika Antypas is the writer, host, and executive producer of the television series, Plant-Based by Nafsika, as well as the owner of international vegan food brand, Nafsika’s Garden. Raised in Montreal, Canada, Antypas obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University, where she also received several post-graduate certificates. She later received her health coach certification from the Health Coach Institute.

In 2014, Nafsika founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, People Against Violence, to help victims of violence seek guidance and assistance with its 24-hour helpline, monitored by certified counselors.

But being a passionate vegan, Nafsika felt that the best way to truly help make the world a more compassionate place is to help people go vegan. So, in late 2015, Nafsika put together a unique show that, within six months, would become the first vegan lifestyle series to ever hit mainstream television (A&E), reaching 70 million households.

The TV series, Plant-Based by Nafsika focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan living, a concept Nafsika hoped would help change the world through food. This has not only sparked the interest of viewers around the globe but has “planted seeds” helping veganism become more mainstream, a goal Nafsika conveys in her motto, “If You Plant It, It Will Grow.”

In 2017, Nafsika became a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, helping people make the “Plant-Based Switch” to a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle.

But there was one very important obstacle stopping people from going vegan, and that was giving up their beloved cheese. So, by late 2018, Nafsika founded the hottest new vegan “cheese” in town, Nafsika’s Garden, hitting major retailers across Canada, followed by the U.S. in early 2020 and is now available in 13 countries.

Nafsika has also always taken pleasure in writing, be it for business or pleasure. She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, contributed her writing, been interviewed by online magazines such as PETA, VegNews, EmpowHER, Insider, Health Digest, and more. She is the author of “Ghosted”, “The Plant-Based Switch” and other books.

Having majored in English Literature, Nafsika could never go anywhere without a pen and paper. She knew it was time to have her stories and ideas published if she was going to make a difference in the world, which has always been her ultimate goal.

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